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The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, given the potential of dairy cattle, has among its priorities livestock policies to support this sector. Specifically, by Decree 9/2009, of January 29, a Support Plan for the Dairy Cattle Sector of Castilla y León was approved to strengthen the competitiveness of farms through modernization, promote a stable market situation, enhance the value of the region’s dairy milk production and improve marketing structures. Among the Plan’s measures implemented, the following stand out: the creation of the Regional Round Table for Beef Milk as a body for dialogue with the sector and advice on decision-making; and the granting of direct aid of 6.5 million euros by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, which benefited the 2,800 cattle farmers in the Community.

Leche ‘Tierra de Sabor’ was born with the priority objective of ensuring a fair price to farmers, allowing them to cover their production costs and guaranteeing the maintenance of this activity in Castilla y León.

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Tierra de Sabor milk offered yesterday a tasting in the capital of its three types of milk (whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed) and gave away discount vouchers to all those who came to drink a glass at the stand, located in front of the entrance of the Auditorium, in the Paseo de Atapuerca. The tasting is part of a promotional tour that the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has organized throughout the region to explain what differentiates a milk with quality certification from one that does not have it and also to try to get farms in different provinces to contribute part of their production to the brand, which began to be marketed last February.

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The study, which has been carried out since 2011, analyzes ten parameters of the different brands of milk on the market: labeling, lean dry extract (reflects the nutrients present in the milk), fat, protein, calcium, heat treatment, aged milk (analyzes the freshness of the milk used as raw material), the absence of powdered milk, hygiene and finally its tasting and has been carried out through a technical analysis analyzing the quality of the milk and the concentration of its nutrients and through a tasting by a panel of experts.

The ‘Tierra de Sabor’ Milk was born in March 2012 with the main objective of guaranteeing the farmers of Castilla y León a price that covers production costs, which has an impact on the greater profitability of farms and guarantees the maintenance of their activity, and with the intention of offering the consumer a high quality product and guaranteed origin.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock decided to market the Community’s quality milk under the ‘Tierra de Sabor’ denomination with the intention of taking advantage of the prestige achieved by the yellow heart label to boost sales in the dairy cattle sector of Castilla y León.

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In addition to this fact, it should be noted that as a result of this initiative, farmers who are linked to it have managed to sell their product at an average price of 0.36 euros per liter between April 2012 and March 2013, four cents above what professionals who are not under the umbrella of this brand have done.

The farmers must comply with a series of requirements: the origin of the milk must be C astilla y León; compliance with and certification of good hygienic practice guides for dairy cattle; compliance with more stringent hygienic and sanitary requirements than those established in current legislation.

From the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is recalled that Castilla y León, at present, has 2,155 farmers engaged in this activity, aglitunando 13% of the national quota with the 800,000 tons produced by cows in this region, contributing 265 million euros to the regional accounts of the sector, representing 10% of the final livestock production in 2012 which was 2,613 million euros.

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