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A.- It has taken a 180-degree turn, especially professionally. Personally I am still the same, I think that in the end it all depends on how you are raised at home and how your family is. Many people say that you change when life smiles at you; in my case it has been all work and struggle. In the academy you are like in a bubble, when you come out you find yourself with the pure reality. You have to work and not give up. Many doors close but many others open; you have to insist and never give up.

A.- Success encompasses many things, from the production, the involvement of the network, the director, even the casting (which is always very good). The facilities are incredible, the treatment of the team; it is a set of things. In the end, Operación Triunfo has stood out for its quality, excellence and professionalism. I can only say good things about the time I have lived there because they are excellent in everything they do. The production company Gestmusic has always worked impeccably.

miedo amaia

I say this because it’s important that the galas start to be at the 24 hours from the Academy, a luxury that is making thousands of people fall in love with it. This program deserves it and its diehard viewers love this format so much that we can’t help but ask for more, for its own sake.

This case is quite similar to the previous position. This has also been an enjoyable performance, but much more for the attitude of the contestants – especially Ana Guerra who, finally, stopped expressing terror on stage – and their energy than vocally, where they were irregular, with acceptable moments and others in which they were both out of tune. Nerea’s nomination can be understood, but not ahead of others who have been given «rest» this week.

As it happened last week with the expulsion of Mimi, Juan Antonio has left offering his best performance in the course and passing for the first time. Despite the extreme rancidity of his choice of theme, he accepted the good advice that asked him to stop abusing so much spin and the result was a performance that probably would have saved him from nomination had he been saved. The 91% with which he has been expelled seems to me an excessive punishment despite the fact that Juan Antonio has not made a great contest, because he really has potential, as could be seen in his casting.

aitana i try to forget you

Originally planned to be only 16 students; however, during Gala 00, Martha King, who belonged to the reserve students, was included. Martha decided to leave the competition in Gala 1. Pako Madrid was expelled in Gala 6, but because he came close to tying his nomination opponent, the production decided to give him the opportunity to return to the academy a week after his exit.

In Gala 6, broadcast on Sunday, September 15, 2002, contestant Pako Madrid was eliminated from Operación Triunfo with a minimal difference of calls (where that week’s nominees Miguel Inzunza had 50.25% and Pako Madrid 49.75%). This fact caused controversy during the week and was commented in different Televisa programs.

During the week of September 16, 2002 to September 22, 2002, due to criticism from the members of the jury, the director of the Institute, Patricia Reyes Spíndola and the teachers put the contestants on probation to rehearse all week without the presence of the teachers. The contestants would remain isolated for a week, they would have no outside communication, food would be left in the dining room while the young people rehearsed and the Institute would have to be looked after by the participants.

amaia ot songs

People must not have liked what they saw because a week later the share dropped to 15.9% in Gala 1 and 15.6% in Gala 2, its lowest share of the whole program. However, that November 13, Amaia and Alfred arrived with a magical song, ‘City of Stars’ and the share went up a point, and a point with three the following week, and more the fourth… and so on until the end of the edition with an audience share of 30.8% in the Final Gala and peaks of up to 50%.

Everyone was talking about those two young people who were able to stand in front of a grand piano and with their chords and their connection to make an unforgettable performance: more than 5.5 million views on Youtube. (I’m sure if it takes a little while to read this it will be almost six million).

After the apotheosis of the final, which seems to taste like a little, making one more gala party and remembering the best moments is a gift for OT fans, so why spoil it all by doubting whether to sing ‘City of Stars’ or not?

#OTFiesta will last 3 hours and will have 13 songs.13 songs at 3 minutes per song = 39/40 minutes3h minus 40min = 2h 20minWe will have 2h and 20min of videos, talkbacks and so on…. With how easy it would have been to put 20 songs and so be all happy…. #OTDirecto10F

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